Find a Creative Way to Quit

Find a Creative Way to Quit

Sometimes a creative way to quit is all you need for that extra push to stay 100% smokefree.

At Quit & Stay Quit Monday, we’ve covered a lot of different ways to quit smoking from planning your week to dealing with withdrawal to meditating to help with stress. But adding a creative way to quit can not only help you stay quit, but it can also add some fun to your quit journey. Here are some ideas to get you going:

Pick up a hobby where you need all the health you can get.
If you’re running a marathon or spending a weekend mountain biking, you’ll want to make sure you are in tip-top shape and at maximum lung capacity, and that does not include cigarettes.

Enlist others to join you in quitting.
Make a pack with others to quit and stay quit together. Not only can you provide each other with support when cravings are particularly tough, but you also have others to celebrate the joys of being smokefree and can use the peer pressure to keep you motivated. You could also start a fund where each person puts in $20 each week for three months. If anyone slips up during that time, the rest of the group can use the fund to splurge on fun things.

Get others to reward you.
You’re not the only one who wants you to be smokefree. Your friends, family, and/or partner may gladly provide an incentive for you to stay quit. For example, perhaps your partner could take you out to a nice dinner each month that you stay quit.

Start writing.
Consider sharing your own quit journey to inspire others or keep a journal to keep track of your progress with quitting.

Put your savings in a glass jar.
Once a week, put the money that you would have spent on cigarettes into a glass jar and watch how quickly that jar fills up. Once it reaches capacity, take the money and treat yourself!

Donate money if you slip up.
Let’s hope you don’t ever pick up another cigarette. But if you do, you could donate money (say $20?) to a pro-non-smoking organization like American Lung Association or American Cancer Society for every time you smoke.

Get going a workplace challenge.
Talk to your HR department to see if they’d be willing to start a company-wide initiative to get employees healthy, including getting smokers to quit. Extra vacation days or gift cards could be great incentives to get people to participate.

Have another creative way to quit to add to our list? Let us know on Twitter!

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