Counting Down to Your New Year’s Quit Plan: 4 Tips to Get You Started

Counting Down to Your New Year’s Quit Plan: 4 Tips to Get You Started

The official countdown to starting your New Year’s quit-plan has begun! If you’re gearing up to go smoke-free on January 1, it’s the perfect time to organize your quit plan. Take advantage of this Monday and get ready now for a year without cigarettes!

There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself to quit smoking and help you stay quit in 2018. One important item on your agenda should be to write down your plan. Writing down the steps you’re going to take will help keep you accountable and motivated, plus it will help you remember where you are in your journey. Keep your document handy in case you hit a rough patch and use it like a map to lead you back onto your path to quit. Here are a few items to include on your quit list to get you started:

Set your quit date. This one is easy: January 1. There’s no avoiding it, it’s simple to remember, and it symbolizes the freshest of starts. January 1 is the day you’re giving yourself a new lease on your health, so look forward to it! And remember quitting isn’t a once a year event – every Monday is your quit day!

Spread the word. Build your support system by letting everyone you know that you’re planning to quit smoking. The people who love you will be proud that you’re taking this positive step and will stand with you while you make progress. You can even use social media to find other people who are quitting – and there are a lot! – or visit the Quit and Stay Quit Monday Facebook page to join a community of former smokers and others who are trying to quit who can help guide your way.

Identify your triggers and how you’ll manage them. What makes you want to smoke? What can you do instead? If you regularly reach for a cigarette at certain times of the day, line up a few things to pass the time and occupy yourself in the event of a craving. Take a walk, have a healthy snack, drink water, or call a friend or the free quit hotline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. Have a response ready for every craving and you won’t be caught off-guard.

Remind yourself why you’re quitting. There are many reasons to quit smoking, but there may be a specific reason driving you. Put every reason on paper: your health, your pet’s health, more money in your wallet, more free time, more time with friends. But if there is a Number One reason you’re quitting, write it on something you can carry around with you so you can take it out at any time to remind yourself that you’re doing something great for yourself.

Mapping out your plan to quit smoking will come in handy as you begin the new year. Don’t forget that you can use every Monday as a chance to recommit to your quit plan or reset it in case you slip up. The most important thing to remember is that you made a great choice when you decided to quit smoking. Use this motivation to quit and stay quit!

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