Clearing the Air With a Smokefree Policy

Clearing the Air With a Smokefree Policy

A Smokefree Policy Everyone in the Office Can Love

Last week we shared some great tips on how to make your quit easier at work. If you’re really committed to giving yourself (and your colleagues) the best shot at quitting and staying quit, why not inspire your workplace to adopt a smokefree policy? From your cube mates to your boss, it’s an approach to office well-being that can benefit everyone. Here’s why.

First, a smokefree workplace is good for employees. Research shows that more smokers tend to quit or cut down more on a daily basis when there’s a policy in place. Why? Strength in numbers is one reason. When your workplace goes smokefree, you’re sure to find “quit colleagues” you can turn to for support. Additionally, an office-wide policy can inspire a deeper sense of collaboration. Colleagues who don’t smoke are happier to work with because they’re not constantly annoyed by secondhand smoke.

Secondly, a smokefree workplace is good for the boss’s bottom line. Even though the Affordable Care Act requires employee-sponsored health insurance to cover quit programs, your employer ultimately saves money from lowered healthcare costs because employees just don’t get sick as often. Maintenance costs go down because office furniture and equipment last longer, and the risk of fire is reduced. Your employer might even be able to get better group deals on life insurance and disability plans.

All in all, workplaces with a smokefree policy are healthier, happier, and safer places to be!

If you want to help your workplace go smokefree, try these tips:

  • Ask your HR department to help you start the initiative. Explain to them the benefits that can be enjoyed by both employers and employees. Show them this sample policy and even use our blog for support!
  • Get the help of other employees, especially senior management, who will support and push forward the policy.
  • Check out the toolkits from the CDC and the American Cancer Society for more information on how to craft and implement your smokefree policy.

Have you helped get a smokefree policy at your workplace? Let us know how you did it on Facebook!

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