Celebrate Someone’s Smokefree Success

Celebrate Someone’s Smokefree Success

Show someone you’re proud of their smokefree success with some of these ideas.

With cravings and withdrawal symptoms, you know that quitting is no easy feat. So if you know someone who has stayed smokefree, help them celebrate because every day without a cigarette is an achievement! Whether if it’s a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even someone you’re not that close with, everyone and anyone appreciates encouragement throughout their quit smoking journey and acknowledgement of their hard work. You don’t have to spend much or even any money at all because it’s the thought and support that counts. And another benefit of celebrating someone’s smokefree success is that it also provides motivation for you to stick to your quit too!

This Monday, tell someone how proud you are of their smokefree life and help them celebrate with some of these ideas:

  • Write them a thank you note that states your appreciation of their commitment to get healthy and keep others safe from the harms of cigarettes.
  • Make a home-cooked meal of their favorite dishes.
  • Send flowers to their work or home.
  • Design or create a piece of art that they can proudly display like a painting or even a fun doodle.
  • Present a homemade award or badge/button acknowledging how long they’ve been quit.
  • Paint the town red by going to their favorite restaurants or hangout spots.
  • Throw a party celebrating the smokefree success of all your friends!
  • Take them to a concert or performance.
  • Give a gift card to their favorite store for them to splurge at!
  • Find a gift for their home that could replace where their ash tray or cigarettes use to be.

When people feel supported in their quit, they’re more likely to stay quit. So take the time to celebrate someone’s smokefree success and don’t forget to celebrate your own milestones as well!

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