Support from your Technology

Leverage technology — apps, smartphones, online communities — to bolster your support network Besides being constantly connected to friends, family, and other members of your quit team, the rise of smartphones, social media networks, and apps have ushered in a new era of smoking cessation support. There’s a number of [...]

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Building a Support Network Improves Your Chances for a Successful Quit

Finding support — whether from a friend, family member, online support group, or a nicotine replacement therapy — can greatly improve your chances of a successful quit. Cigarette smoking is more than just a nasty habit; it’s a physiological addiction, which means attempts at quitting are often accompanied by a collection of disruptive [...]

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Quit Smoking for Your Children

Smoking is a risk factor for infertility. Quitting smoking dramatically improves your chance to conceive. The chemicals found in cigarettes adversely affect many of the processes required for a successful pregnancy such as egg and sperm maturation, hormone production, sperm count and motility, and embryo transport. Cigarette smoke may also lead to early [...]

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