Breathe Through Your Quit

Breathe Through Your Quit

The choice to quit smoking is a big life change, and even positive changes can be stressful. Reduce stress throughout your quit smoking process with deep breathing.

When you experience a craving to smoke, try to breathe deeply. Breathing is a natural stress reliever and it’s free. Deep breathing opens  your air passages, which in turn relaxes your entire body. By practicing deep breathing, you can naturally relax.

Try it out!

  1. Take a slow deep inhale, with a count to five.
  2. For another count of 5, hold your breath.
  3. Then, slowly exhale out, on a count of five.
  4. Repeat, inhale for five, hold for five and exhale for five counts – do this five times total

Learn more about the stress relief benefits of breathing.

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