Believe You Are Smokefree

Believe You Are Smokefree

When you quit, commit to a smokefree life.

Quitting smoking doesn’t only require a behavior change, it also requires a belief change. What we mean by that is you have to not only take action to quit smoking, you also have to truly believe that you are a non-smoker and permanently smokefree when you quit (which is what you want to be anyway, right?!). By making that adjustment in your thinking and beliefs, you’ll more easily be able to change your performance and actions based on that.

This thinking is similar to the “fake it till you make it” saying. People are often told that if they want to become or do something, even if you don’t currently embody the qualities of what you want to achieve yet, pretending you have what it takes can help you eventually gain success and realize goals. At the core of this is about having confidence in yourself, and you must have confidence that you can be 100% smokefree for the rest of your life. During the beginning of your quit, that confidence may feel a bit forced (especially as those cravings start pestering you to pick up a cigarette). But it will come to you easier and easier over time as you stick to your quit – and as you begin believing in your smokefree identity rather than faking it.

Set your intention to become smokefree for life when you quit smoking. No occasional cigarette here or there. You are a non-smoker and by identifying yourself as such will help you stick to your quit. Even if you slip-up, don’t let that moment of weakness change your belief to being a smoker again. You’re permanently smokefree and you’re doing your best to keep it going that way!

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