“Because I Said So!”

“Because I Said So!”

A big part of quitting smoking is strengthening your inner voice. While you go through every step of this process, take a moment to listen to that voice – what is it really saying? Is it saying you need a cigarette? Is it saying that one cigarette won’t make a difference? That voice isn’t you – it’s your craving talking. This Monday, give your inner voice a megaphone.

Remember hearing the phrase “Because I said so” when you were a kid? It was your parents’ way to let you know who was in charge of the situation. It didn’t need an explanation – you were the kid and they were the adults. Now, as an adult yourself, borrow that same simple philosophy when you confront a cigarette craving. If you feel the urge to smoke this Monday, imagine yourself pointing a stern finger and saying “No smoking. Because I said so.

You don’t need to explain anything to your craving. It’s a normal part of quitting smoking that has very real physical symptoms. There are plenty of more subtle ways to handle cravings, but sometimes you need to put your foot down – the way your parents did. In your case, you need to be tough with yourself without being too hard on yourself. Your end game is to change your behavior to a healthier choice, becoming a non-smoker. All your parents ever wanted was for you to do better, right? This time, you’re taking that role yourself.

Remind yourself of the reasons you can do better: better health, more free time, and more money in your pocket. They all seem like such obvious reasons, so why explain them? You’re quitting smoking “Because you said so.”!

This Monday, you’re the authority figure. Treat your cigarette cravings like a whiny kid that needs to be reined in and show discipline. Not just because you said so, but because you can.

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