Beast Mode Isn’t Just for Your Workout

Beast Mode Isn’t Just for Your Workout

Now that you’ve embarked on your mission to quit smoking for good, keep one word in mind: willpower. You’ve heard the rumors, searched the web, and seen your friends quit smoking – it’s no cake walk. But it’s far from impossible. This Monday, get into beast mode to crush smoking for good.

Beast mode was made popular by workout memes, namely CrossFit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply the same resolve to kicking cigarettes to the curb. You can even treat your willpower like a muscle – something you can flex and strengthen. The key to employing your willpower is motivation.

Motivate yourself with the reasons you decided to quit smoking as well as short-term goals throughout the day. Every time you achieve another goal, use that to motivate yourself more. You made it through your morning commute without a cigarette. Now make it through your morning break, then lunch hour, then the afternoon… Next thing you know, you made it a full day without smoking. What is stopping you from getting through another day?

Cravings might be making your road to quitting smoking a bit bumpy. By flexing your willpower muscle, a little bumpiness isn’t enough to stop you from moving forward. One way to power through nicotine cravings is remembering that cravings only last about 10 minutes. It might help you to watch the clock the same way you do while working out – it might even help you to do a quick workout during those 10 minutes! Get into beast mode for 10 minutes and before you know it, your craving will have passed.

Much like a high-impact workout, quitting smoking can be challenging at times. It may take several attempts to get yourself into gear and motivate yourself until you reached your goal. With Mondays to back you up, you can keep trying every week to make it possible. So keep going this Monday, and apply what you’ve been learning to bring beast mode to your efforts to quit smoking.

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