Be the Boss on Monday

Be the Boss on Monday

Have you started a routine to quit smoking? If so your willpower is being tested more than ever. A quit plan often involves lining up ways to deal with cravings and nicotine withdrawal. But even your best laid plans may go awry and you may feel like you’re losing control. This Monday, put your foot down – remember that you’re the boss, not cigarettes.

When you took the step to quit smoking, cigarettes were a big part of your daily routine. They weren’t just a part of your life – they made decisions for you. Cigarettes controlled where you went and spent your valuable time. Now that you’ve given cigarettes the boot, remind yourself that you’re the one in control. Make sure cigarettes keep following your marching orders out the door.

Cigarettes are literally tiny. If you need to give yourself some perspective on the battle between you and cigarettes, remember something very simple – you’re bigger. Not just when it comes to your own power and mental energy, but you could easily smash a cigarette under your foot. When you think a craving is overtaking you, crush it. You’re not just extinguishing a flame – you’re extinguishing your craving.

You can walk it off. Drop your cigarettes, and keep on moving away from them. By changing your routine to include a little more physical activity, like some stretches or a walk, you can shake your craving and render it insignificant. You’re in charge of the way you feel. You don’t have to let a craving order you around.

You gave cigarettes the boot. You and smoking weren’t working out. One of you had to go. This was your time to take charge and you had the power to do it. You still have the power to keep going. Smoking isn’t a great partner. It made you weaker, wasted your time and money, and now you can take your life back. Without the burden of cigarettes, you can get a lot more done and breathe a lot easier.

Taking control and making a big change in your life is something you can be proud of. This Monday, show smoking who’s boss and keep kicking your cravings to the curb!

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