How to Avoid Secondhand Smoke

How to Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Protect yourself and your loved ones from secondhand smoke.

In a previous blog post, we talked about some lesser known facts about secondhand smoke like how it releases more than 7,000 harmful chemicals into the air. That’s one of the reasons why so many nonsmokers end up developing smoking-related diseases. There is no safe exposure to secondhand smoke, so you should do your best to avoid it as much as possible.

Here are five tips on how to reduce your exposure to secondhand smoke.

    1. Don’t allow any smoking in your home. Even if someone smokes in a room with no one else present, the secondhand smoke can linger in the air for hours. If you have guests who smoke, ask them to do it outside.
    2. Don’t allow smoking in your car. If you’re driving a far distance with a smoker, stop as needed for smoke breaks outside of the car.
    3. Visit hotels, restaurants, etc. with a 100% smokefree environment and avoid going to indoor locations where people are allowed to smoke. Even if there’s a designated “no smoking” area but also a smoking area, smoke can make its way over through the air and ventilation system.
    4. Choose smokefree care facilities and/or find non-smoking caretakers for children and older adults, who are both more susceptible than others to secondhand smoke.
    5. If there are locations that you and your family frequent often (like work places, schools, restaurants, etc.), consider asking the administrators or owners to adopt a no smoking policy. It’s good for the health of their customers as well as for their bottom line.

There may be times where you can’t avoid secondhand smoke. In those instances, you should try to bathe and launder your clothes as soon as possible to get rid of the harmful substances lingering on your skin and attire.

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