5 Distractions from Smoking

5 Distractions from Smoking

Distractions from smoking can help you quit smoking for good.

Often times, boredom can quickly lead to cravings for cigarettes. When there’s too much down time, the mind can wander. The key is to identify distractions from smoking that can help us focus on something else, until cravings pass.

Distractions are effective because they can keep your attention for the few minutes a craving typically lasts. It’s important to have distractions from smoking available wherever you go, so you can do them regardless of whether you’re home, at work, out with friends or traveling.

Try these distractions from smoking to get started:

Download a few games on your phone. Have you checked out the app store recently? There are many entertaining games of different genres that can keep your mind off of smoking. Download a few and go to town when the cravings hit!

Read about your favorite topic. What captures you interest? Grabbing a book on your favorite subject, or doing a Google search can quickly take your mind away from smoking. Dig deeper into your interests and let it preoccupy your mind!

Use your imagination. Imagine what you could use the money you saved from quitting smoking on. Where do you want to travel next? Get excited about what you can do with that money!

Learn a new skill. How about teaching yourself something valuable? Try going through this list of cool new things to learn for some inspiration.

Call a friend. How about distracting your mind by calling a friend? Catch up or plan your next get-together.

Don’t forget that it often takes smokers 7-10 tries to successfully quit smoking for good. It’s important to not give up on the first few tries, and continue to fight the battle. You can start fresh on Monday and give the smoke-free life another shot, if you slip up!

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