4 Tips to Get Started on Your Plan to Quit Smoking this Monday

4 Tips to Get Started on Your Plan to Quit Smoking this Monday

Do you have a date in mind to quit smoking? January 1st is popular but that’s only one day a year. Why not pick a Monday? Mondays provide you with 52 opportunities for a fresh start on the first day of the week, for a whole year.

Before you quit, make a quit plan so you have a roadmap for your journey. Need some quick tips to get you started? Here are four robust tips that can help:

  1. Set a Date – When you plan a date to quit and stay quit on a calendar, it fosters mental preparedness. You’re about to do something challenging that will pay off with better health, more money in your pocket, fewer colds and cases of flu, and that will keep you around longer.
  2. Spread the Word ­– Tell your friends and family! Declaring your intentions is a great way to stick with it. It will set you up for success by forcing you to be accountable. You can also commit to quit at the Quit & Stay Quit Monday Facebook page, where you’ll find a community of folks just like you.
  3. Be Prepared – What makes you want to smoke?  If you regularly reach for a cigarette at certain times of the day, line up a few things to occupy yourself in the event of a craving. Take a walk, have a healthy snack, drink water, call a friend, or turn to a professional. Have a response ready so you won’t be caught off-guard.
  4. Number OneWrite down every reason you have for quitting, then choose the most important one, and carry it with you. Read the reminder whenever you feel like it, but especially when a craving or trigger takes you by surprise.

Don’t forget that you can use every Monday as a chance to recommit to your quit plan or reset it in case you slip up. You made a great choice when you decided to quit smoking. Use this as motivation to quit and stay quit!

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