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Set up Penalties for Motivation

Do You Like the Carrot or the Stick? Find Your Best Motivator to Quit Smoking. Companies have long been interested in keeping you healthy, happy, and productive - if only to improve efficiency and cut down on healthcare and insurance costs. Today some companies encourage people to quit by dangling “carrots,” or positive motivators in [...]

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Get Help to Pay for Your Quit

Health Insurance Plans that Work for You Health insurance plans really want you to quit smoking — not just for your health but for the rising costs of healthcare for smokers. Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many plans are willing to pay for your quit, especially for tobacco cessation products like nicotine gum, [...]

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Protect Your Precious Buddies

Quit smoking for your pets! Your pets are your best buds, your children, your all in all. But when you’re a smoker, what happens when you go to work every day and leave them behind? Well you leave your pets in a house full of carcinogens. Secondhand smoke is said to be as deadly to [...]

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