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The High Price of Smoking

How the Cost of Smoking Affects More than Your Health What if—one year from now—someone gave you $2,300 dollars to do whatever you want? That’s how much on average you’d save if you quit smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for a year. Actually, you would save a lot more because the cost of [...]

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Combat Smoker’s Depression

Discover Your Real Cravings in Life Reaching for a cigarette when you’re feeling stressed or depressed may feel like a familiar go-to, but is smoking helping your depression or making it worse? Many studies have shown a link between smoking and depression; indeed, it’s long been known that smokers have a higher rate of depression [...]

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Recover from a Relapse

Tips to Regain Your Positive Direction  For someone who has quit, a slip up is smoking a cigarette or two once in a while. But one cigarette can easily lead to picking up the habit again, thus becoming a relapse. Some people finish their quit completely in one attempt. But because it takes most people [...]

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Five Ways to Stop Cigarette Cravings

Remember the 5 D’s to Curb Your Cigarette Cravings Whether you’ve just quit smoking or have been quit for a few months, you know that feeling well of wanting a cigarette. But cravings are unique for each person. Understanding the different kinds of cigarette cravings and learning strategies to combat them will go a long [...]

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