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Quitting Cold Turkey

Finding Your Best Approach to Laying Off the Nicotine You want to quit but you don’t know whether to quit cold turkey or gradually. Each quitting experience is as different as the person trying to kick the habit. Much depends on the reasons behind your habit and the obstacles in your life. But there is evidence [...]

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Smoking’s Effects on Your Body

TAKE BACK YOUR GLOW: The Beautiful Reasons to Quit & Stay Quit The 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes affect every cell in your body. From your skin to your teeth to your nails and hair, smoking’s effects can leave you looking a lot older than you are. There’s even a term called Smoker’s Face, which describes certain [...]

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Clearing the Air With a Smokefree Policy

A Smokefree Policy Everyone in the Office Can Love Last week we shared some great tips on how to make your quit easier at work. If you’re really committed to giving yourself (and your colleagues) the best shot at quitting and staying quit, why not inspire your workplace to adopt a smokefree policy? From your [...]

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Smokefree Success at Work

How to Carve Out a New Kind of Break So many hours of our days are spent a work, and stress on the job can make quitting smoking harder. Given concerns around secondhand smoke, many states have banned or severely restricted smoking in the workplace. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t stress-induced triggers that can [...]

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