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How to Conquer Smoking Triggers

Smoking triggers: The smoking gun behind your urges When you’re trying to quit, smoking triggers can pop up at every turn. People, places, situations that are otherwise benign can trick you into reaching for a cig. So, it’s helpful to break down smoking triggers into three common categories: stress, mindlessness, and smoke itself - that [...]

How Smoking Affects Your Sleep Health

Don’t lose another night’s sleep! Smoking and poor sleep are proven bedfellows. Studies show that smokers suffer more from sleep disturbances than nonsmokers. In fact, nearly one out of four smokers report tossing and turning all night compared with only 5 percent of nonsmokers. Because of the physical effects of nicotine, smoking before bed is [...]

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Smoking and Vision Loss

Keep your eyes on your quit and avoid vision loss. This Monday, we’re dropping knowledge about a lesser known effect of smoking: vision loss. That’s right - smoking also causes damage to your eyes as it does to the rest of your body. The more a person smokes, the higher the risks of getting eye [...]

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