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Celebrate Someone’s Smokefree Success

Show someone you’re proud of their smokefree success with some of these ideas. With cravings and withdrawal symptoms, you know that quitting is no easy feat. So if you know someone who has stayed smokefree, help them celebrate because every day without a cigarette is an achievement! Whether if it’s a friend, a family member, [...]

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Heart Health and Smoking

Have a heart to heart with smoking and end it. Even with Valentine’s Day over, matters of the heart should still be on every smoker’s mind. Why? Because smoking not only damages lungs, the heart suffers a great deal too (as well as the body in general). So break up with smoking and you will be much [...]

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Don’t Give Up After a Slip-Up

Avoid turning a slip-up into a relapse. Get back on track with your quit smoking attempt. While you should do all that you can to stay 100% smokefree after you quit smoking, there may come a time when the temptation to smoke is so overwhelming that you give in to a cigarette.  A slip-up can [...]

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