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The Gift of Going Smokefree

Remember that every reason for why you quit smoking is a gift. Each holiday season is a struggle to figure out what the best present is to give to your partner, your family, your friends. Well if you’re a smoker, look no further! The best gift is to go smokefree. Not only will those around you [...]

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How to Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Protect yourself and your loved ones from secondhand smoke. In a previous blog post, we talked about some lesser known facts about secondhand smoke like how it releases more than 7,000 harmful chemicals into the air. That’s one of the reasons why so many nonsmokers end up developing smoking-related diseases. There is no safe exposure [...]

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Smokefree Vacation

Plan ahead for a smokefree vacation. As the season of sweater weather and hibernation begins, many people will be escaping the wintertime blues by going on vacation. But often when people travel, they indulge themselves because they’re on that “vacation mindset.” That can include a cigarette or two (or many) even if they’ve quit smoking. [...]

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