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Alternative Methods to Quit

If this isn’t your first time quitting, try one of these alternative methods. One of the hard parts about quitting smoking is finding the best method(s) to help you quit. We’ve talked before about using evidence-based methods like medications or nicotine-replacement therapies (NRTs), and a combination of medication and counseling has the most scientific support in [...]

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How to Handle and Reduce Stress

Stress often leads to a cigarette. Find new ways to handle it. Everyone feels stressed at times; that’s just a natural human occurrence. But how we choose to deal with the stress differs among us. For nonsmokers, it could be running or meditation, but for many smokers, relief comes in the form of a cigarette. [...]

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Building Social Support

Lean on social support for an easier quit. Developing new and healthy habits is one of the keys to quit smoking. Another key? Social support. We are creatures of habit, but we are also social animals. Having supportive people around you can make a world of difference in your quit success. That’s because supportive relationships [...]