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How to Beat Nicotine Addiction

Keep calm and beat nicotine. It’s not easy for most people to never pick up another cigarette when they decide to quit smoking. That’s because over time their bodies have become physically addicted to nicotine and their smoking habits have become a part of their everyday life and routine. We’ve talked about how to break [...]

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Setting Goals to Stay Smokefree

Use goals to help you stay motivated throughout your quit. People who create goals often accomplish significantly more than those who do not identify goals. This is because goals help you to clearly define what you want to achieve, give you focus and motivation to stay on track, and raise your self-confidence when you successfully [...]

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The Power of a Smile and Good Oral Health

Oral health and making a good first impression. Going on a job interview? Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time? Going on a blind date? When you first meet someone, they form instantaneous and unconscious conclusions about you based on how you look, act, even smell. It’s human nature. There are lots of tips [...]

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Health Benefits Timeline

When you quit smoking, your body immediately starts to experience health benefits. Alright... You know that in general, quitting smoking has loads of advantages, but do you know how soon you can start feeling the changes? In fact, you can enjoy the health benefits of quitting smoking in as little as 20 minutes. And those health [...]

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