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Smoking-Related Health Problems

Here’s how to spot symptoms of smoking-related health problems. After you quit smoking, you significantly cut your chances of developing smoking-related health problems. Over time your risk will be less and less than when you were a smoker – potentially adding years to your life. However, once you quit, you should pay extra attention to your [...]

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Creating Healthy Habits to Quit

Replace your smoking routine with new healthy habits. Habits can transform your life. As discussed in the best-selling book, “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg, establishing new patterns in your life can lead to a more successful you. When it comes to smoking, replacing your usual routines around smoking with healthy habits is a [...]

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Using Meditation to Quit Smoking

Using meditation to quit smoking is an effective strategy. Mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years. That’s because more and more research is being published that shows how meditation improves physical and mental health. What’s even better is that studies have shown that those who [...]

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Thirdhand Smoke and its Effects

Protect yourself against thirdhand smoke. Think a smoker lighting up a cigarette alone won’t cause harm to anyone else? Think again. Thirdhand smoke is a newer concept in the world of tobacco-related dangers that you should know about. A result of secondhand smoke, thirdhand smoke is a residue made up of nicotine and other chemicals [...]

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Facts About Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke is dangerous to you and those around you. Let’s talk about secondhand smoke. You know it’s bad for you, but do you know just how harmful it is? Secondhand smoke comes from when a smoker breathes out smoke as well as the lit end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar. Every time it [...]

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