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Managing Mood Swings to Stay Quit

Mood swings are important to keep in check to successfully quit smoking! Have you experienced an emotional roller coaster while trying to quit smoking? Don't fret - it's quite common to experience mood swings while attempting to quit the habit. Typically, smokers will experience mood swings of different types, including frustration, sadness, anger or irritation. [...]

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5 Distractions from Smoking

Distractions from smoking can help you quit smoking for good. Often times, boredom can quickly lead to cravings for cigarettes. When there's too much down time, the mind can wander. The key is to identify distractions from smoking that can help us focus on something else, until cravings pass. Distractions are effective because they can [...]

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Staying Smoke-Free for Good

Staying smoke-free is much easier said than done. Habits are hard to break, especially when those habits have taken up a huge part of life. Smokers often times succeed for a short time, only to fall back into old habits. So how do we ensure that we remain smoke-free? The first step is to replace [...]

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Manage Stress to Stay Quit

Quitting smoking can be uncomfortable and frustrating. The key is to manage stress! While we usually can’t change stressful circumstances that arise, we can change how we respond and react to them. Rather than reaching for a cigarette for what seems like a quick fix, why not try some of these tips to relax and [...]

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