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Buddy-Up to Quit Smoking

Quitting cigarettes is no easy feat. You don’t have to do it alone, find a quit buddy! Why find a quit buddy? The support of friends and family will ease your path to quit smoking. Quit buddies will help you through tough stretches. Who will help me quit? Choose a friend, family member, or fellow [...]

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Time to Spoil Yourself

One of the awesome benefits of giving up smoking cigarettes is the extra cash you save, which you can now spend elsewhere! Figuring out what you will spend that extra money on can fuel you with motivation to stay smoke-free. Start out by calculating how much you save by quitting smoking with this simple calculator. [...]

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Smoking Worse Than First Thought

Think smoking is bad for your health? It’s even worse than you thought. The New York Times reports that a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that in addition to the well-known health problems associated with smoking (lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.), there are five new diseases that are attributed [...]

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After You Quit Smoking

You quit what? Now that you don’t need cigarettes, what healthy things can you do to replace smoking? Here are our favorite ideas for what to do when the urge to smoke strikes. First thing in the morning… • Eat a healthy breakfast, even if you’re in a rush. Grab a piece of fruit. [...]

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Stay Quit with the Monday Concept

What can you do each Monday to help you stay quit? When Monday rolls around each week, here are a few things that you can do to stay on track with your smoking cessation: 1. Each Monday, sit down and plan out your week. Think ahead about what triggers you might encounter that make you [...]

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