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Plan to Beat Smoking Cravings

Throughout your journey toward a smoke-free life, you will undoubtedly encounter some tough cravings. Beat those smoking cravings to the punch and create a plan of action for how you will overcome them. On Monday, start by taking a few minutes to think about your plans for the rest of the week. Do you foresee [...]

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What Motivates You to Quit Smoking?

There are so many reasons to quit smoking, and none of them are bad reasons. Here are our top five: 5. Look and smell better. Say goodbye to stained teeth, deep wrinkles, and tar breath. 4. Breathe easier. Quitting smoking as soon as possible can improve your lung function and give you more energy. 3. [...]

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Welcome to the new Quit & Stay Quit Monday blog!

Quit & Stay Quit Monday is a campaign to help smokers quit and stay on track with their quit each week. Many first time quitters make several attempts to quit before they are successful again, but if each time you relapse, you wait for annual events like their birthday or New Year’s to quit, you [...]

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