For Smoking Cessation Programs

Smoking cessation programs and cessation counselors can benefit from Quit and Stay Quit Monday.

Smokers often wait for special occasions like birthdays or New Year’s to quit, but most will relapse within a month. Studies show that it takes several attempts to stop smoking for good. The intervening weeks can be a crucial time for smokers as they grapple with the physical, emotional and financial costs of their habit.

Quit & Stay Quit Monday (QSQM) offers a more sustainable solution. Rather than wait for an annual event to try quitting, smokers can take advantage of 52 Monday every year and the global support network that comes with them. Smoking cessation programs can leverage our insights and use our program materials to supplement their existing smoking cessation programs.

QSQM has many free resources for smoking cessation programs, smoking quitlines, and individual cessation counselors.  Using “Monday” could boost engagement in any new or existing smoking cessation program through incorporating a variety of free smoking cessation resources such as:

  • Cessation group counseling curriculum
  • Workbook for cessation group participants
  • Weekly tips and motivational messages via email and social media
  • Creative materials for recruitment and engagement
  • Implementation and evaluation guide

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