Slipped Up? Quit Again This Monday

Many people who make New Year’s resolutions have some trouble following through. Smokers who have decided to quit may have similar problems, especially since it’s common to slip up after quitting. If your New Year’s quit plan hit a snag, don’t fret – you can use this Monday to recommit to your quit and start [...]

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Counting Down to Your New Year’s Quit Plan: 4 Tips to Get You Started

The official countdown to starting your New Year’s quit-plan has begun! If you’re gearing up to go smoke-free on January 1, it’s the perfect time to organize your quit plan. Take advantage of this Monday and get ready now for a year without cigarettes! There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself to quit [...]

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What Happens When You’re the Only Quitter?

‘Tis the season for partying! While you may have embarked on your plan to quit smoking, others might be waiting until the New Year to quit. This means you may encounter some tricky situations that could trigger you to light up. Before you head to your next gathering, use this Monday to prepare yourself [...]

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