Enlist a Professional This Monday

If you’ve made it through the first leg of your journey to becoming smoke-free by creating a plan and summoning your willpower, congratulations! You have certainly earned some bragging rights because quitting smoking is not easy. But if you think you could use some extra help, try reaching out to a trained professional. Smoking [...]

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Be the Boss on Monday

Have you started a routine to quit smoking? If so your willpower is being tested more than ever. A quit plan often involves lining up ways to deal with cravings and nicotine withdrawal. But even your best laid plans may go awry and you may feel like you’re losing control. This Monday, put your foot [...]

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In Case You Slip Up

You’ve embarked on a brave journey to quit smoking. Maybe you’ve made it through the first few days without a cigarette, riding out cravings and filling your new free time in healthier ways. But then something happened – a rough day at work, an argument with family or a long commute through traffic – and [...]

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Beast Mode Isn’t Just for Your Workout

Now that you’ve embarked on your mission to quit smoking for good, keep one word in mind: willpower. You’ve heard the rumors, searched the web, and seen your friends quit smoking – it’s no cake walk. But it’s far from impossible. This Monday, get into beast mode to crush smoking for good. Beast mode [...]

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